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Happy Patients

Happy Patients

Happy Patients

Click here to watch some of our patients testimonies.

Mileny Cedeno

At seven years old, I traveled nearly 3000 miles to be reunited with my parents, who fled Ecuador searching for the American Dream. Samaritan Health Center is a little safe haven with open arms that welcomes immigrant families and children worldwide. The staff's warm smile, caring hands, and healing words welcomed me in 2008. At the time, I needed a physical for school, but because of my illegal status, I did not have insurance, nor did my parents have the means to pay for one. Going into their office was extremely comforting and reduced many of my anxieties, including my medical condition. The doctor there did so much more than what she could imagine for me in that room, not only by providing me with other resources and answering my questions but also by igniting the flame in my soul that has driven me to where I stand today. Their kindness and compassion inspired me to give back as a volunteer. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to further explore my interests in medicine and to become a community leader. The more I became exposed to the medical field, the better I understood the crucial role that doctors play in providing not only healthcare access but compassion for the psychological toll that illegal status has on patients. Working in my community for over a decade helped me realize the socioeconomic factors that create barriers to healthcare access. I was driven to find volunteer opportunities that would educate me and provide me with tools to increase my competence in addressing healthcare gaps such as language barriers, insurance, and social determinants of health. After graduating from the University of Connecticut (2020), I had the opportunity to volunteer and give back to my childhood clinic. The welcoming staff became family (Sue, Patricia, and Ariel, my partners in crime), and I was privileged to engage with numerous immigrant children. My own background as an undocumented Hispanic female has often given my patients a sense of relief and familiarity, helping me connect and learn how to provide culturally competent, holistic care. My favorite part of any typical day was seeing the little kids' faces light up with joy and wonder when we gave them toys after their physical. Therefore, witnessing the disproportionate effect socioeconomic barriers have on minorities, and the pivotal role physicians play in building healthy communities motivates me to pursue medicine. Thanks to my supportive family, I am so grateful to be in my first year of medical school at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, an incredibly diverse community with a rich culture. In addition, thanks to the Samaritan Healthcare Center, the people, patients, and experiences, I can proudly say I have the cultural competence to improve patient care. Sue Heller, Rn, and Dr. Sampson have greatly inspired me in my journey, and with great patience, they have shared their wisdom and answered many never-ending questions; the care they provide rooted in Christ's love and compassion for others is a teaching I will never forget. I will continue to work toward making healthcare more accessible by practicing intersectionality in medicine. As a doctor, I aim to inspire the next generation of physicians and represent and support the most vulnerable to uplift my community and catalyze change.

Mileny E. Cedeño Landi, MD candidate 2027


Hector Morales

Hector was 8 years old when he first came to Samaritan Health Center after his mother brought him here from Guatemala to be reunited with his father who was working in Danbury.

He’s not able to walk and speaks only a few words. It turns out that he had a serious illness in infancy that left him with permanent damage. We were astonished to see that his mother would carry him around as she did not have a wheelchair for him. We could see that the mom was burdened by this, though she always wore a smile. Hector was growing month to month and carrying him would soon be unmanageable.

Thanks to Samaritan staff reaching out to our connections through the Jericho Partnership, a wheelchair was purchased by generous donors to help with his transportation. With time, he was given an even better chair that was more specific to his needs.

Hector continues to come for care to Samaritan. We feel privileged to have had such a positive impact on him and his family.

Nascimento Family

The mother of the three Nascimento children had a busy life, since all three of her boys exhibited behaviors consistent with autism. Some were on medications which were essential to their best functioning, but they had no doctor to see.

She arrived at Samaritan Health Center looking for advice and support and we were able to give it to her, providing the prescriptions they needed until they could get more specialized care.  We contacted a local Pediatric Neurologist, who agreed to see the boys and to further diagnose them. They have since moved on from Samaritan to another practice, having qualified for health insurance. 

Their situation highlights how we at Samaritan are able to steer and guide families with complex medical situations to the care that is needed.



Pietra attended the local junior high school and came to our clinic complaining of being bullied.  Since birth, she has had a mild weakness in the left side of her body which gives her a limp.  As early teens unfortunately do, they pick out those who look and act differently than themselves. 


She was pushed and tripped on several occasions.  We had the opportunity to advocate for her and to contact the school.  Pietra appreciated our support, but she wanted to work through the problem herself.  We were so proud to hear that she was able to sit down and talk with the bully herself with the principle and because of her efforts the bullying stopped. 


Pietra’s story is an example of how we can provide strong emotional and spiritual support to the children we see.

Ben & Noah

Meet Benjamin and Noah. These adorable brothers have been coming to Samaritan for a while.


Here’s what their mom wrote to us: “My family feels more peaceful because you exist. You have no idea how much you express the love of Christ in what you do for us.”’

It’s a privilege to serve beautiful families like Noah and Ben’s.

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