Why Donate to Samaritan Health Center

Samaritan Health Center invites you to get involved with our mission by contributing financially.  Samaritan Health Center seeks to provide care for the uninsured and for those at highest risk of experiencing poor health.

Church-wide Effort to Benefit the Clinic from Assembly of God of Danbury!

Pastor Silvani and several leadership team members of Assembly of God of Danbury (ADDanbury) presented a check for $1,500 to Clinic Director, Dr. Don Sampson and Office Manager, Donna Shaw.  The church has been an ongoing supporter of Samaritan through action like this, as well as providing assistance with translating.  Many of the patients seen at Samaritan attend ADDanbury and Pastor Silvani has encouraged his congregation to help whenever possible, stating, “where would our families go if there was no Samaritan? We thank God for the Samaritan Clinic.”

Communidade Ebenezer Church Helps Out!

“We are called to help, it’s our  responsibility, we use the clinic and we are there a lot.  It’s not much, but we will do what we can to help Samaritan,” says Pastor Helena of Communidade Ebenezer Church.  She and her husband, Pastor Ozorio, have been coming to the clinic on a bimonthly basis to deliver the donations they have received from congregants who want to help Samaritan.  Like ADDanbury, Samaritan sees many families that attend Communidade Ebenezer Church as well.

Here are 3 easy ways

1. Contribute online with PayPal:

2.  Mail checks to:

Samaritan Health Center
27 Hospital Ave, Suite 201
Danbury CT 06810

3.  A monthly recurring donation

Pledge $30 per month for the next 12 months to sponsor a child for an entire year.