A Child, A Dollar a Day, For a Year

About the Fundraiser

The Samaritan Health Center (SHC) has served families in our community since 2008, and offers a full slate of low-cost pediatric healthcare to the Danbury area’s most needy uninsured children.

The clinic has been the primary healthcare provider to more than 2,200 unique children, and in 2015 reached a major milestone —10,000 patient visits. Eighty-six percent of our 1,400 active patients reside in Danbury.

Samaritan Health Center is a ministry partner of the Jericho Partnership, and is fully funded by private donations.

Campaign Goal: 100 Children

One hundred children. That’s our goal … to provide health care this year for 100 kids who otherwise would go without. All it takes is a dollar a day, for each precious child.

Are You In?

For less than the cost of a daily latte, you can sponsor a child on your own … Or you can make it a family project, involving your children and teaching them to care for others. It’s also a great project for your club or classroom!

Here’s How to Sponsor a Child

Online Payment
  • A one time donation of $360 covers the sponsorship of a child for an entire year.

  • A monthly recurring donation. Pledge $30 per month for the next 12 months to sponsor a child for an entire year.

By Check

Send a check to:
Samaritan Health Center
27 Hospital Ave, Suite 201
Danbury, CT  06810