We need you!  Here are some opportunities to serve:


Licensed and Insured Healthcare Providers

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants are welcome to join our volunteer force.  Not much time to spare, no worries, how does 3 hours per month sound?  Our schedules are super flexible and can be made up to 4 months in advance.



RNs and LPNs –  Do you enjoy pediatrics?  Do you have some extra time in your schedule where you could volunteer once or twice per month?  Samaritan is looking for volunteer nurses to help the nursing staff.  We’d love to chat with you if this sounds like something you’d want to do.



Volunteers Luiza & Aline assist in Portuguese

About 42 languages are spoken in the city’s public schools.  Most clinic  patients are from Brazil and speak Portuguese, followed by many more patients who speak Spanish.   Translators are an

Volunteer Payge assists a mom in Spanish

integral part of Samaritan running efficiently.  Our translators are in the exam room with the doctors and nurses relaying everything that is said back and forth.  They assist families with completing paperwork, and may provide receptionist duties answering the phone,  greeting patients upon arrival to the clinic, and helping patients check out.  Translators also assist staff with updating forms that need to be done in Portuguese and Spanish.



Calling all PRAYER WARRIORS (and those who just like to pray!)  The clinic needs people to regularly bathe its operation, staff, volunteers and patients in prayer.


Most volunteers with us are not here frequently, but they’re here regularly and that’s what makes it a great fit for those who volunteer with Samaritan Health Center!

To volunteer for Samaritan Health Center, you can go to:  http://www.jerichopartnership.org/opportunities 

Without you, there would be no us. And we have a host of opportunities you can do to make an impact. No contribution is too small.





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